Moonflower Peter Loewer

ISBN: 9780606303439


Kindle Edition

276 pages


Moonflower  by  Peter Loewer

Moonflower by Peter Loewer
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In an era that influenced the social dynamics of urban cities across the country to the present day and beyond they were to blame for all that was deemed wrong. Young, flamboyant, and brazen in life they were the streets newest role models and trendsetters- as they went so went the streets and counted among them was Kamari Vincent.Feeling like he inherited a lot in life of poverty, struggle, dismay, and limitations he traded in the innocents of his youth for a world guided by distorted principles of right and wrong that claimed not only the lives of his foes but his friends as well while he remained virtually unscathed.

Now as he journeys further down the path hes chosen his rise will be plagued by the looming presence of federal agents, betrayal, uncertainty about the women in his life, a friendship on the brink of destruction, and on top of it all someone wants him dead. The who and why a mystery to him. Yet- having come into the game facing death he had wagered his life long ago- only then he had better odds.

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